Zoom-Zoom Spinner

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Paper “Craftivities”

As I was thinking through all of the things I’d like to blog about, the one thing that really stood out was my love of creating with paper.  I work on the computer all day long, but what I’m really working toward is connecting to my printer so I can hold the work in my hands.  It’s especially a thrill when I’ve created something that needs to be folded, cut, or taped.  I like to design party favors, invitations, decorations, crafts, and games.  I’ve made them for my own kids, for friends and neighbors, and for classroom parties.

So that is my topic for this year….PAPER CRAFTIVITIES!!!  I plan to post 26 different paper crafts.  Each one will use one sheet of paper.  There will be a craft for each letter of the alphabet, in no particular order.

Starting with the letter Z, the first “craftivity” is a classic toy that is fun to make and use.  I call it the “Zoom-zoom Spinner.”  It’s basically a button spinner, but I’ve made the button out of four cardstock paper circles stacked together and glued.  It makes it heavy enough to work.   The really cool thing about this paper toy is that your child can experiment with a variety of color and pattern combinations.  Coloring one side of the spinner in reds and blues will give the spin action a purple look.  What happens if you use yellows and greens in your design on the other side?  You see where I’m going with this.  It’s color blending in motion.


You can print the template and instructions for this craft by clicking on ZOOM-ZOOM SPINNER.  It’s easy to make and kids of all ages love this toy. Cut out four circles. Punch two holes in each circle. Stack and glue two sets of two circles, lining up the holes. Turn one set face up and the other face down and glue them together, lining up the holes. Now you have a thick cardboard button to spin. Color the design on each side. Lace a string through each hole and tie the ends. Slide the button to the center.