“Stone” Tools

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The first tools were made entirely of stone.  Homo Habilis “Handy Man” who lived 2 million years ago was the first to chip stones into useful tools.  This group created stones that could hammer, chop, cut, and scrape.

By the time Homo Sapiens “Wise Man” began to inhabit the Earth, stone tools became more complex to meet their needs.  A sharp pointed stone or bone was placed on a long wooden handle and wrapped with animal tendons to hold the stone in place.  This type of spear helped the hunter keep his or her distance while taking down large animals.  Handles were also attached to hammer stones and cutting stones to make the tools easier to use.

Stones tools were a great invention of the Old Stone Age.

Make your own “stone” tools.  Click “STONE” TOOLS to get the pattern and instructions for this craft.