Egyptian Snake Bracelet

Egyptian Snake Bracelet
Click the photo above to view or print the pattern and instructions for this craft.


The weather in ancient Egypt was warm, so everyone dressed in a simple light-weight tunic and sandals.  It was jewelry that set you apart from the crowd.  Everyone, except slaves, wore jewelry.  The more jewelry you wore, the more blessed you were.  Wealthy people wore jewelry made of gold.  The lower classes wore copper jewelry.  The stones in your jewelry also told the story of where you belonged on the social hierarchy.  Lapis Lazuli is a deep blue stone that was worn only by royalty.

The snake is a common theme in Egyptian jewelry.  It represents rebirth.  The snake sheds its skin to become new again.  A snake swallowing its tail is the sign of eternity; the circle of life.  Snakes represented good and evil.  They were good because they ate the rats and mice that often ruined the food supply.  They were bad when they bit people.

Make your own Egyptian snake bracelet.  Click SNAKE BRACELET to get the pattern and instructions for this craft.

*We used BIC permanent markers (gold and silver) to color the snake bracelet in the photo.