Spinning Top Toy

Middle Ages Spinning Top Toy Craft
Click the image to view or print the pattern and instructions for this craft.


From excavations of Medieval sites and from picture evidence, we know that the children of the Middle Ages liked to play with toys, just like kids today.  They played with tops, balls, hoops, and kites.  Small animal or human shaped toys were carved out of wood.  Kids walked on stilts.  They played tug o’ war.

Girls had dolls and dishes.  Boys had military toys and small toy knights made of metal.

The spinning top toys of the Middle Ages were carved out of wood.  This spinning top craft can be made with one wooden toothpick and strips of paper.  You just keep wrapping the strips around the toothpick to make a large cylinder.  When you have wrapped the last strip, glue the loose end to keep the cylinder tight.  Then you can spin your top.  Click to get the pattern and instructions for Middle Ages Top Toy.