Butterfly Bowl

Click to view or print the pattern and instruction for this craft.

Make this bowl and fill it with your favorite spring snack!

Or make is as a Mother’s Day gift.  You can also make a bracelet to loop around the flower.

The Butterflies are Back!

One of the best things about spring is watching butterflies.   They are so peaceful and quiet.  But they are also bold and colorful, which makes them very visibly loud.  Most butterflies live for less than a month, but as a species, they’ve been around for over 50 million years.  Butterflies eat nectar from flowers, pollen, tree sap, and rotten fruit.  They sip water from leaves and sometimes human sweat.  Their wings are used to protect themselves from predators.  They can, of course, fly away, but many butterflies have designs on their wings that mimic patterns in nature to help them camouflage themselves.


We printed our bowl on cardstock paper, but you don’t have to.   You can look at  actual butterflies to inspire your students to realistically design each butterfly on their bowl.  Or you can let the kids use their imaginations to decorate each butterfly.  This is a craft you can make with any age group.


You can  apply this project to your curriculum in many different ways:

MATH –  Shapes – The bowl is a pentagon.  The sides are trapezoids.  Symmetry – Butterflies are symmetrical.

SOCIAL STUDIES – Learn about the migration pattern of the monarch butterfly.

ART – Design.  Symmetry.  Pattern.  Color.

SCIENCE – Learn about the life cycle of a butterfly.

READING – Here are some great books that feature butterflies:

Michael Berenstain’s “Butterfly Book” presents the names and appearance of several different butterflies. 

“Monarch Butterflies,” by Ann Hobbie is about the flight pattern and life cycle of the monarch butterfly. 

“The Girl Who Drew Butterflies.”  Is the real life story of Maria Merian, a butterfly artist.

“The Very Hungry Caterpillar,” by Eric Carle is perfect for younger students.

“How Spider Saved Valentine’s Day,” by Robert Kraus is a very goofy story about two sleepy caterpillars who keep dozing off in the back of the classroom.