The Magical History Tour Unit 5


“The Dark Ages” – But Not Really

After the fall of Rome, the monasteries became the centers of learning.  This is the beginning of the Middle Ages.  While here you can copy a book by hand like the monks did, or create a beautiful mosaic while listening to Gregorian chant.


This 11 X 14” poster is a great visual reference to hang on your classroom wall.  The Poster Pack also includes an 8½ X 11” black and white copy of the poster to print for each student.

Early Middle Ages Poster Pack – 3 page PDF file

The 3-D Display Pack includes the architecture and fashion of the time period.

Pop-up Architecture – Hagia Sophia

4 Paper Mannequins dressed in Early Middle Ages clothing

Early Middle Ages Display Pack – 4 page PDF file

Learn about the people, places, and events of the Early Middle Ages by reading this 8 page history book.

Early Middle Ages History Book – 4 page PDF file

History is represented in illustrations your students can color.

Early Middle Ages Coloring Book – 3 page PDF file

Play a game of 20 questions to find out how much you know about the Early Middle Ages.

Early Middle Ages Trivia Game – 4 page PDF file


  • “If I Lived in the Early Middle Ages…” Cut and Paste Worksheet
  • Early Middle Ages Vocabulary Matching Worksheet
  • Mosaic Coloring Page

Early Middle Ages Worksheet Pack #1 – 3 page PDF file


  • Early Middle Ages Word Search Worksheet
  • Byzantine Empire Read and Match Worksheet
  • Fold-out Museum – Early Middle Ages Art

Early Middle Ages Worksheet Pack #2 – 3 page PDF file





Click the image below to view or print the game.

Use illuminated letter tiles to spell words.

Illuminated Words Game – 4 page PDF file – FREE

Click on any of the craft photos below to go to the blog page that features the craft.

Make a Byzantine crown.

Copy a book by hand. Stitch the pages together.

Make a mosaic bowl.