The Magical History Tour Unit 3


The Age of Writing

Get to know the Mesopotamians and ancient Egyptians.  You can build a pyramid or ziggurat.  Paint like an Egyptian.  Explore musical instruments.  You can even do the work of a scribe to create an ancient storybook.

This 11 X 14” poster is a great visual reference to hang on your classroom wall.  The Poster Pack also includes an 8½ X 11” black and white copy of the poster to print for each student.

First Civilizations Poster Pack – 3 page PDF file

The 3-D Display Pack includes the architecture and fashion of the time period.

Pop-up Architecture – Ziggurat

4 Paper Mannequins dressed in Egyptian & Babylonian Clothing

First Civilizations Display Pack – 4 page PDF file

Learn about the people, places, and events of the First Civilizations by reading this 8 page history book.

First Civilizations History Book – 4 page PDF file

History is represented in illustrations your students can color.

First Civilizations Coloring Book – 3 page PDF file

Play a game of 20 questions to find out how much you know about the First Civilizations.

First Civilizations Trivia Game – 4 page PDF file


  • “If I Lived in Ancient Egypt…” Cut and Paste Worksheet
  • Ancient Egypt Vocabulary Matching Worksheet
  • Egyptian Art Drawing Page

First Civilizations Worksheet Pack #1 – 3 page PDF file



  • First Civilizations Crossword Puzzle Worksheet
  • Ancient Egypt Read and Match Worksheet
  • Fold-out Museum – Egyptian & Mesopotamian Art

First Civilizations Worksheet Pack #2 – 3 page PDF file



Click either of the games below to view or print it.

Learn to play Senet, a game that was played over 3,000 years ago.

Egyptian Senet – 2 page PDF file – FREE

Play this puzzle game to learn about four ancient civilizations.

First Civilizations Puzzle Game – 4 page PDF file – FREE

Click on any of the crafts below to go to the blog page for the pattern and instructions.

Use hieroglyphics to write your name and some of your favorite things on the pyramid.

Make a pair of Lamassus to guard your fortress.

Wrap this golden snake bracelet around your arm.


How the Pyramids Were Made LEGO HISTORY – Kids use LEGOS to show how the pyramids were constructed.  Very cool!

Egypt: Mummies  – Two sisters travel to Egypt to visit a museum.  They use stuffed animals to make cat mummies.  Cute!

A Kid Explains History – Ancient Egypt – Great history lesson!

Ancient Mesopotamia – Nice visuals and simple written explanation of the empires of Mesopotamia

Mesopotamian Art History – Art, architecture, writing, and jewelry are shown and discussed.

The History of Writing – It’s animated.  The language is a bit academic, but still worth it.