The Magical History Tour

is a hands-on history program for grades 1-5.

History is divided into 13 fun-to-explore time periods.

Your students can cut, color, paste, read, and research as they journey through time. 

Start in the Old Stone Age.  End in the Space Age. 

Learn about the people, places, and events that shaped history. 

There are 13 different history units.  Each one includes information books, classroom display, and activities. 


The images below are a sample of the printable activities available for each history unit.

Stone Age Classroom Display

Stone Age Worksheets and Activities

Stone Age Paper Crafts


Click on any of the buttons below to go to that period in history.

Prehistory and Ancient History

History Tour Unit 1 - The Old Stone Age
History Tour Unit 2 - The Neolithic Period
History Tour Unit 3 - First Civilizations
History Tour Unit 4 - Classical Ancients

The Middle Ages

History Tour Unit 5 - Early Middle Ages
History Tour Unit 6 - The Romanesque Period
History Tour Unit 7 - The Gothic Period
History Tour Unit 8 - The Renaissance

American History

History Tour Unit 9 - The Baroque Period
History Tour Unit 10 - The Neoclassical Period
History Tour Unit 11 - Impressionism and Realism
History Tour Unit 12 - 20th C. Modern
History Tour Unit 13 - 20th C. Contemporary