Magical History Tour


The Magical History Tour

is a hands-on history program for grades 1-5.

History is divided into 13 fun-to-explore time periods.

Your students can cut, color, paste, read, and research as they journey through time.  Start in the Old Stone Age.  End in the Space Age.  Learn about the people, places, and events that shaped history.  There are 13 different history units.  Each one includes information books, classroom display, and activities.  Try Unit 1 – The Old Stone Age for FREE. 


With the Zing-Zoom Magical History Tour, you can turn your classroom into a time machine.  Start by creating a history display table for your students.  There are about 36 weeks in a school year.  You’ll need to change the display every 2 or 3 weeks.  You’ll notice a new level of interest every time you change the display.

Print the poster and display pack.  Place the poster on the wall behind the table.  Set up the pop-up architecture and paper mannequins on the table.  Fill your table with books, artwork, artifacts, costume pieces, or anything you have that relates to the time period.

During your 2 to 3 week visit to each historical period you can:

  • Watch movies or YouTube videos about the time period. 
  • Read books about the time period.
  • Use the Zing-Zoom History materials you need for your grade level:  (This is just a suggestion.)
    • All grades – poster, pop-up pack, history book, free crafts
    • 1st Grade – free game
    • 2nd Grade – coloring book
    • 3rd Grade – take-home poster
    • 4th Grade –  worksheets & fold-out art museum
    • 5th grade –  activity cards and trivia game
  • Your students can watch history unfold before their eyes!

Each unit includes the printable items shown below (and more):

Old Stone Age Display
Old Stone Age Activities


Click on any of the buttons below to go to that period in history.

Prehistory and Ancient History

Unit 1 - Hunters and Gatherers
Unit 2 - The First Farmers
Unit 3 - Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia
Unit 4 - Ancient Greece and Rome

The Middle Ages

Unit 5 - "The Dark Ages"
Unit 6 - Castles and Kings
Unit 7 - The Age of Merchants
Unit 8 - The Age of Discovery

American History

The New Colonies
Unit 10 - American Independence
Unit 11 - America Divided
Unit 12 - The Industrial Age
Unit 13 - The Space Age