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You are going to have so much fun teaching your child how to read!

Hi.  If you have a child who is ready to learn how to read (knows all of the letters of the alphabet, both capital and lowercase) or a child who has had trouble learning to read, you’ve come to the right place. 

Finding a great way to teach reading has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember.  As a child, I struggled to learn to read.  Thankfully, I had a first grade teacher who loved teaching.  She stayed after school every day and patiently taught me how to read “Dick and Jane” stories.  So I know that a one on one approach can be very beneficial when teaching reading.

As you know, reading skills are essential to being successful in school.  They helped me get a degree in elementary education.  After graduating, I got a job as a first grade teacher at a small private school.  Most of my students had learned how to read in kindergarten, but there were always a few who had no reading experience.  I needed a way to get them up to speed quickly.  Luckily when I was a student teacher, I had observed a new reading program that combined phonics (reading by sounding out words) and sight reading (memorizing words).  The students learned a little bit at a time; starting with 5 letter sounds and 3 sight words.  They memorized the sight words.  And learned to sound out words made of the 5 letter sounds.  At the end of two weeks, they could read sentences made of the words they had learned.  Each week, new letter sounds and sight words were added.  It was very successful!  So I adapted that concept to teach my non-reading first graders how to read.

Later, I used the phonics and sight reading method to teach my own children how to read.  My daughter was a great reader.  She could read chapter books in kindergarten.  My son was a different kind of learner.  He has a visual processing disorder.  I had to adapt my reading program to meet his needs.  I created a cast of characters and funny stories to keep him interested.  You’ll notice I write a lot of stories about space, superheroes, and robots – all things my son was interested in.

“ZING-ZOOM READING” is an organized collection of all of the reading ideas I’ve used throughout the years.  I put them together in this easy-to-use, fun, affordable, and effective reading program.  I want you to try it before you buy it, so the first unit is free.  You can print the “Teaching Guide” or do the lessons right on your computer screen or tablet.  You should print the flashcards and worksheets, but you don’t have to print the stories and comics.  If you want to save paper, your child can read them on your computer screen or device.

My mission is for all children to learn how to read and for all parents to feel successful teaching their children how to read. 

Have fun!



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