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 Happy New Year!  Celebrate with some January themed crafts. Click on any of the images below to go to the craft page.

Click on the image above to view or print this craft.

This craft is called GOOFY GOGGLES. I posted it on September 2, 2016. The original craft is based on the letter g. If you’d like to view the original craft, click here: GOOFY GOGGLES.

Paper Lantern Craft
Light up the New Year!

Little Lanterns

Make a game!

Snow Day Game

Snowflake Craft
Build a snowflake!

Snowflake Symmetry Craft

Origami Paper Cup Craft
Make Snow Cones!

Origami Paper Cups


Click on any of the game images below to view or print the game.

Page 1 of each game PDF file is the game folder for storing the game cards.  Print it on card stock paper if you are not going to laminate it.  Fold the pocket up on the horizontal gray line.  Fold the game folder in half on the vertical gray line.  Staple the pocket on each side.  Print the game cards on card stock paper.  Some of the games have special printing instructions.  You’ll see them on the folder (page 1) below the horizontal line.

Learn about the 4 seasons. Page 1 is the game folder.

Learn when to use then and when to use than. Page 1 is the game folder.


The games below are featured on this website. Click on any of the games below to go to the page that has the printable PDF file.

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The activities below are located on the READING PAGES of this website. Click the image to go to the page.

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