Piggy Bank

Make this prism shaped piggy bank and save your coins all summer.

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A field trip to the farm is often an end of the school year activity.  I remember going on this trip with both of my children, several times.  One of the most memorable farm trips happened when Jack was in preschool.  Everyone with shoelaces got nibbled on by goats.  An aggressive rooster terrified my son and his friend.  And everyone got to attempt to milk a cow.  The guided tour was amazing, especially the woman who told us about pigs.  They are sweet.  They don’t sweat.  They are smart – the fifth most intelligent animal in the world!    She also told us that pigs have a strong connection to the number 3.   A female pig is usually pregnant for 3 months 3 weeks and 3 days and their babies weigh about 3 pounds.  When I thought about pigs and their connection to the number 3, I decided to make a prism shaped piggy bank.


Print the piggy bank pattern on cardstock paper.    Your students can color the bank to look like a more realistic pig.  Or they can come up with a theme and design their bank to match the theme.

You can  apply this project to your curriculum in many different ways:

MATH –  Shapes – prisms and triangles

SOCIAL STUDIES – Which countries raise pigs?

ART – Design.  Pattern.  Color.

SCIENCE – Learn about the life of a pig.  Watch the movie, “Babe.”

READING – Here are some great books that feature pigs:


“IF YOU GIVE A PIG A PANCAKE” by Laura Numeroff

“PIG WILL AND PIG WON’T” by Richard Scary

“CHARLOTTE’S WEB” by E. B. White