Powder Horn

Paper powder horn craft
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The soldiers of the Revolutionary War carried a gun called a musket.  The musket had to be loaded with gunpowder and a lead ball each time it was fired.  A musket was not very accurate.  It couldn’t hit a target that was further than 100 yards away.  When the soldiers came upon enemy soldiers, they would form several rows of long lines.  The first row would fire at the enemy.  The enemy soldiers, standing in the same formation, would fire back.  The survivors would go to the back to reload their muskets while the next row of soldiers took a shot at the enemy.  Each soldier carried a powder horn to hold their gunpowder.  The powder horn was usually made from the horn of a cow, buffalo, or ox.  When soldiers rested at camp, they carved their name, designs, and patriotic sayings into their powder horn.

Your students can create their own paper powder horn.  Since the Revolutionary War was a brutal battle that eventually led to America’s independence from British rule, this project will remind students of all of the brave citizens who risked their lives for freedom.  We never want to lose our freedoms, because it’s hard to get them back.