Presidential Bust

Put your favorite president on a pedestal!

Presidents' Day Craft
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Our democracy is a unique form of government.  We the people get to choose our leaders.  The top leader, head of the executive branch, is the president.  We have chosen 46 presidents since our founding.  The first American president, selected by the people, was George Washington.  He served for two 4 year terms, from 1789-1797.  Then he stepped aside to let Americans choose a new leader.  John Adams was chosen.  This is how democracy works.  We don’t have a king or dictator who reigns over us for a lifetime and passes the power onto his children.  We have a president.  And we get to choose who it is.  When the president’s term is over or the people choose a new leader, the president steps away from the power position and lets the new leader lead.

Presidents’ Day was first celebrated in the 1880s to honor George Washington on his birthday, February 22.  In 1968 it became a federal holiday that would be celebrated on the third Monday in February to honor both Washington and Lincoln.   Today, many people consider it to be a celebration of all presidents who have served our country and graciously walked away when their term ended to allow the new chosen leader to lead.  It’s also a day to sell cars and mattresses.

Presidential Bust Craft

This presidential bust craft features the top 12 presidents selected by historians in 2021.  Your students can choose one of these men for the craft project, or they can draw any of the other presidents to place on top of the information pedestal.  It’s a fun way to remember the citizens who have been chosen to lead our democracy.