Welcome to Reading

Sometimes learning how to read takes a little extra practice and individual attention.

Welcome to Reading is for beginners and for children who are having a difficult time learning to read. 

You don’t have to be a teacher to teach your child how to read.

This program is so easy to use; if you know how to read, you can teach someone else to read. 

Each unit has 10 daily reading lessons.  You read the instructions.  Your child completes the task. 

It’s that easy.

Each themed unit has flashcards, worksheets, and stories to read.

You have to use the units in order.  Each unit builds on the information learned in the previous unit.

It’s fun.   It’s easy-to-use.  It works!

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Unit 1 - Welcome to Reading
Unit 2 - The Park
Unit 3 - The Beach
Unit 4 - The Pet Show
Unit 5 - The Art Museum
Unit 6 - The Carnival
Unit 7 - The Costume Party
Unit 8 - The Science Fair


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