The Zing-Zoom Newsroom is Welcome to Reading Part 2.

Each unit follows the same basic format as Welcome to Reading.

The letter sounds and sight words are a little more difficult. You’ll be dealing with consonant blends and vowel combinations.

Each day begins with a presentation page. After that, there are worksheets and other activities to print.

At the end of each unit, your child will be able to read the Zing-Zoom newspaper.  The newspaper has feature stories about the letter sound characters, factual articles, funny articles, comics, games, and activities.

Click Unit 9 to get started.  It’s the free unit.

Click Zing-Zoom News 9 to get started.

Reading Unit 9
Unit 9 – L-Blends and Long Vowels
Reading Unit 10
Unit 10 – R-Blends and Y as a Vowel
Reading Unit 11
Unit 11 – S-Blends and R-Controlled Vowels
Reading Unit 12
Unit 12 – Soft C and G and Suffixes
Reading Unit 13
Unit 13 – Vowel Diphthongs
Reading Unit 14
Unit 14 – Irregular Vowels
Reading Unit 15
Unit 15 – Silent Consonants and the PH Sound

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