Zing-Zoom Newsroom

The Newsroom is part two of the Zing-Zoom Reading program. Each unit of the Newsroom has the familiar 10 page teaching guide and an activity pack with flashcards, worksheets, sentence strips, and activities. The Newsroom has more complicated phonics sounds like blends, long vowels, diphthongs, and irregular vowels, but they are presented in the same simple way. There are also more sight words and new language skills.

Each unit ends with a 10 page newspaper your child will be able to read. The newspaper has funny articles, factual articles, advice, comics, and more.

The Newsroom has 7 units. The first one, unit 9, is free.

Click Zing-Zoom News 9 to get started.

Reading Unit 9
Unit 9 – L-Blends and Long Vowels
Reading Unit 10
Unit 10 – R-Blends and Y as a Vowel
Reading Unit 11
Unit 11 – S-Blends and R-Controlled Vowels
Reading Unit 12
Unit 12 – Soft C and G and Suffixes
Reading Unit 13
Unit 13 – Vowel Diphthongs
Reading Unit 14
Unit 14 – Irregular Vowels
Reading Unit 15
Unit 15 – Silent Consonants and the PH Sound

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