The Magical History Tour Unit 11



Ellis Island welcomes you to America.  You can now head to the Wild West, fight in the Civil War, be part of the Underground Railroad, or move into a Victorian house.  Railroads and other inventions like the typewriter and telephone are creating a new America.  And writers like Harriet Beecher Stowe and Mark Twain are telling the tales.

This 11 X 14” poster is a great visual reference to hang on your classroom wall.  The Poster Pack also includes an 8½ X 11” black and white copy of the poster to print for each student.

Realism & Impressionism Poster Pack – 3 page PDF file

The 3-D Display Pack includes the architecture and fashion of the time period.

Pop-up Architecture – Marshall Fields

4 Paper Mannequins dressed in American clothing

Realism & Impressionism Display Pack – 4 page PDF file

Learn about the people, places, and events of the Realism & Impressionism Periods by reading this 8 page history book.

Realism & Impressionism History Book – 4 page PDF file

History is represented in illustrations your students can color.

Realism & Impressionism Coloring Book – 3 page PDF file

Play a game of 20 questions to find out how much you know about the Realism & Impressionism Periods.

Realism & Impressionism Trivia Game – 4 page PDF file


  • “If I Lived in the Wild West…” Cut and Paste Worksheet
  • Realism & Impressionism Vocabulary Matching Worksheet
  • Landscape Painting Art Page

Realism & Impressionism Worksheet Pack #1 – 3 page PDF file


  • Tall Tales Matching Worksheet
  • The Wild West Read and Match Worksheet
  • Fold-out Museum – Realism & Impressionism Art

Realism & Impressionism Worksheet Pack #2 – 3 page PDF file





Click the image below to view or print the game.

Roll the die. Move your marker. Collect your cowboy gear.

The Wild West Game – 4 page PDF file – FREE

Click any of the crafts below to go to the blog page with the printable pattern and instructions.

Pull the handles back and forth to watch the chickens eat.

Make this craft to learn about “Lady Liberty.”

Paint a Seurat animal in the pointillism style.