Sailboat Racer

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When our kids were younger, summertime began when my husband hitched our boat to the back of his jeep.  We packed a cooler, beach towels, and innertubes in the boat.  Our entire family and the dog hopped in the jeep and headed out to the lake.  When we got to the lake, we’d launch the boat and cruise around the lake until we spotted a vacant island.  We’d anchor the boat and set up our temporary living quarters on a sandy beach-like area. 

Our dog, a golden retriever, loved to swim out to retrieve the sticks that the kids threw as far into the water as they could.   He also loved to explore the beach to retrieve stuff that previous visitors left behind… empty chip bags, a sandal, or a ballcap.  Once he retrieved a dirty diaper which he dropped at our feet.  My daughter and I screamed.  Our dog wagged his tail.  He was so proud!  Summer had officially begun.     


Print a copy of the boat for each child.  Have them color and assemble their boats. 

*We used a star paper punch to make the stars on the boat. 

Have two kids compete to see whose boat travels the furthest.  Place the boats on a flat surface, like a picnic table.  You can give each student a straw to blow through or just have them use their breath to move the boat across the table.  The winner challenges a new contestant.

You can  apply this project to your curriculum in many different ways:

MATH –  Distance and Measurement

SOCIAL STUDIES – The history of boats

ART – Creativity and design

SCIENCE – Wind force  – aerodynamics

READING – Here are some great books that feature boats:

CAPTAIN PUG by Laura James & Eglantine Ceulemans

PETE THE CAT & THE TREASURE MAP by James and Kimberly Dean

SPEEDBOAT RACE by Amir Tariq Khan

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