Spring Bird Basket

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If you’ve ever had birds build a nest near your window, you know how amazing it is to watch a nest of eggs become a nest of fluffy little chicks.

This craft provides a fun way to kick off the spring season.  Have your students look at pictures of their favorite bird before decorating the bird and egg.  We used crayon and markers to color the egg to get the crayon resist look.  Our bird’s eyes are eyeball stickers.  When you are finished making the craft, place a small rock or a coin in the bottom of the basket to keep it from tipping over.


· Scientists have evidence that birds evolved from dinosaurs.

· Birds have hollow bones, making them light enough to fly.

· The Ostrich is the largest living bird.  Ostriches have eyeballs that are almost the size of a tennis ball.  Their eyeballs are larger than their brains.

· The smallest living bird is the hummingbird.  Hummingbirds can fly backward.

· Owls swallow their prey whole.  Then spit out the bones and pelt.

· Penguins can jump 6 feet into the air.

· An albatross can sleep while it flies.

· Most hummingbirds weigh less than a nickel.

· Woodpeckers hoard acorns in the tree holes they “drill” with their beaks.

· The starling, and many other birds, sing notes that are too high for the human ear to hear.

· Have you ever heard the expression, “Canary in a Coalmine?”  Coal miners used to send canaries down into the mines to test carbon monoxide levels.  If the canary passed out, the mine was too dangerous.

· The bald eagle builds the largest nest, measuring about 9 1/2 feet across.

· The cuckoo bird lays its eggs in other birds’ nests.  It relies on the bird that built the nest to hatch and feed its young.

Rabbit Marionette

It’s March and that means spring is here. 

It’s time for birds and flowers and dancing bunnies.

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Craft Materials:  Bunny pattern (printed on cardstock paper), scissors, paper punch, 4 brass brads, string, ruler

Age: 8 and up for the marionette.  Younger children can make the bunny with movable arms and legs, but no strings.

Time:  30 minutes – 15 minutes to assemble & 15 more to decorate.

Skills:  Cutting, Measuring, Creativity, Puppetry

Instructions for Bunny Marionette

Best Basket

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Alyssa’s Second Easter

The first time I made this basket craft was many years ago with my daughter, Alyssa.  She was almost two years old.  It was getting close to Easter and I had baked cookies for my neighbor and wanted a container for them.  Alyssa scribbled a beautiful design on some paper and I cut it out and folded it to make a basket.  We put the cookies in it and knocked on our neighbor’s door.  She opened immediately.  As usual, she was on her way out the door.  She had a job at our local mall, coordinating seasonal activities.  This was a busy time of year for her. She thanked us for the cookies and told me to come over to her house in the evening.  She said she had a surprise for … and used her eyes to indicate it was for Alyssa.

Later that evening I knocked on Karen’s door.  She was so excited.  “Come on in.  Look at this!”  She had the Easter Bunny costume from the mall.  “I borrowed this from work.  I thought your husband could put it on and hop in to surprise Alyssa.”  She put the costume in a giant paper bag, so I could sneak it into my house.

My husband was not as jazzed about the costume surprise as Karen was.  As Alyssa, now in her twenties, reminds me, “Dad was the master of inventing games that took little to no effort on his part.  They were super fun, but he hardly had to move to make them happen.”  She’s right.  He invented a game called, “Wrap Me.”  We had one of those foam chairs that folded into a floor bed.  Alyssa would lay on it and shout, “Wrap me, Daddy.”  Grant would then slip his hand under the foam cushion and fold it up over Alyssa.  She’d bust out of the chair and yell, “Wrap me again!” Another of his games, “Cave In,” required him to throw a blanket over his legs and collapse it on the kids.  He’d shout, “Cave in,” when the blanket was about to collapse.  His lazy games were creative and the kids loved them!

Grant reluctantly put on the costume.  He snuck outside and knocked on the door.  Alyssa opened the door, saw the Easter Bunny and said.  “Hi Daddy.  Wanna play Wrap Me.”   My husband is a quirky dresser, but not bunny costume quirky.  We have no idea how she knew the big bunny was her dad, but she knew and Grant was glad she knew.  Apparently, that costume was hotter than blazes.  He was happy to take it off and lounge on the family room rug next to the folding bed-chair for a few rounds of “Wrap Me.”



This basket craft is perfect for all age groups.  A toddler can scribble on it, stamp it, or cover it in stickers.  Older kids can make more sophisticated designs and glue crafty embellishments on it.  It is a super simple, super functional basket. 

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