Paper Puppy Parade

Paper Puppies
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“Lassie” was one of my favorite TV shows.  When I’d watch the show, I’d  imagine having my own amazing dog that would rescue me when I got in sticky situations.  And, believe me, I could have used a hero dog. Unfortunately, my mom was not a dog person.  Still I constantly nagged, “Please, can we get a dog?” And the answer was always, “No!”

Every summer we’d travel to my grandmother’s house.  She lived on a large plot of land.  Next door to her house was a ranch-style house with a family who bred dogs.  There was always a new litter of cute, cuddly puppies in that backyard.  For me, it was puppy heaven!  I was with the new pups as often as their family would let me.  I’d just lay on the ground and let the whole litter of pups crawl all over me; biting, licking, destroying my clothes.  It was fantastic!  I’d beg and plead, but I never got to bring a puppy home with me.

Our house was just a boring puppy-free zone!  I knew it was hopeless; I’d never have a “Lassie” of my own.   Then one stinky day a pup so fast no one could see him, tore through our house.  That pup moved with such speed, I wouldn’t have even known he was passing by.  I just heard a small noise, smelled a terrible smell, and then my dad said, “My dog, Zip, just ran through the room.”

“You got a dog?” I shouted.

“I’ve had Zip forever,” my dad replied.

“How come I’ve never seen him?” I asked.

“He’s fast.  No one can see him,” Dad answered.

“Can you see him?” I inquired.

“He’s my dog,” Dad laughed.

The whole concept of this dog with the skills of the Flash intrigued me.  I wanted to see him so badly, I actually imagined he was there.  I’m pretty sure I knew he really wasn’t, but it didn’t stop me from believing.  We finally had a dog!  It didn’t matter to me that our dog was a fart.  I was the luckiest kid alive!

This craftivity is called, “PAPER PUPPY PARADE.”  Click it to get the template and instructions.  Print it.  Cut it out.  Fold it up.  Decorate it.  One sheet of paper makes a whole litter of cute puppies!  Hopefully, one of them is a hero dog.