Welcome to Reading Unit 2

UNIT 2 has a park theme.  Your child can play sight word hopscotch and be a spelling bee.  The letter sounds b, g, t and short i are introduced and later combined with s, f, m, n, and short a from unit 1 to make lots more phonetic words.  The unit 2 sight words are:  this, you, see, and do.  There are park themed worksheets and activities to add to the excitement of this new reading experience.  When you are finished with the ten lessons, your child will be able to read all of the stories and comics.
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The Unit 2 Teaching Guide has 12 pages.  The Activity Pack has 12 pages.

Unit 2 Sample Contents


Free Unit 2 Storybook
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FREE Reading Book for Unit 2.

2 FREE Story Cards
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Unit 2 - Free Phonics Worksheet Short I
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FREE Short i Worksheet for Unit 2.

Free Phonics Worksheet - Letter Sounds: B, G, T
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FREE Letter Sounds Worksheet.

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