Welcome to Reading Unit 6

Step right up with your carnival word tickets and get ready for another reading experience.  In this unit, your child will learn about the letter sounds l, r, and short e.  The new sight words are:  me, all, have, and for.  The word all is used with letter sounds to make lots of “all” words.  Your child will learn about pronouns and contractions with the word have. 

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The Unit 6 Teaching Guide has 12 pages.  The Activity Pack has 13 pages.

Unit 6 Sample Contents


Unit 6 - Free Storybook
Click to view or print this FREE story about three friends at a carnival.

2 FREE Story Cards - Unit 6
Click to view or print the FREE STORY CARDS.

6 More Story Cards - Unit 6

Unit 6 - Free short e worksheet
Click to view or print this FREE short vowel worksheet.

Unit 6 - Free Letter Sounds Worksheet - L and R
Click to view or print this FREE Phonics Worksheet: Letter Sounds L and R.
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