The Magical History Tour Unit 6 – THE ROMANESQUE PERIOD


Travel to the time of castles, kings, queens, knights, lords, and ladies.  Most of the people from this time period were peasant farmers who worked for the royals because they needed protection from invaders.  Learn about the feudal system.

This 11 X 14” poster is a great visual reference to hang on your classroom wall.  The Poster Pack also includes an 8½ X 11” black and white copy of the poster to print for each student.

The Romanesque Period Poster Pack – 3 page PDF file

The 3-D Display Pack includes the architecture and fashion of the time period.

Pop-up Architecture – Romanesque Castle

4 Paper Mannequins dressed in Romanesque clothing

The Romanesque Period Display Pack – 4 page PDF file

Learn about the people, places, and events of the Romanesque Period by reading this 8 page history book.

The Romanesque Period History Book – 4 page PDF file

History is represented in illustrations your students can color.

The Romanesque Period Coloring Book – 3 page PDF file

Play a game of 20 questions to find out how much you know about the Romanesque Period.

The Romanesque Period Trivia Game – 4 page PDF file


  • “If I Lived in a Medieval Castle…” Cut and Paste Worksheet
  • Middle Ages Vocabulary Matching Worksheet
  • Beowulf Tapestry Art Page

The Romanesque Period Worksheet Pack #1 – 3 page PDF file


  • The Feudal System Coded Message Worksheet
  • The Viking Age Read and Match Worksheet
  • Fold-out Museum – Romanesque Art

The Romanesque Period Worksheet Pack #2 – 3 page PDF file





Click the image below to view or print the game.

Play to win a double Tic Tac Toe battle of the Vikings vs the Castle Crew

Castle Attack Toe Game – 2 page PDF file – FREE

Click any of the craft photos below to go to the blog page that features the craft.

Make a miniature working catapult.

Make a miniature Viking longboat.

Make a spinning top toy.