Welcome to Reading Unit 8

Get ready for some word experiments. Unit 8 introduces the consonant digraphs: wh, ch, th, sh. It also introduces words with silent e. This is the final unit for beginning readers. By now, your child’s reading is pretty impressive! But there’s a lot more to learn. When you have completed this unit, go to the Zing-Zoom Newsroom. The Newsroom is learn-how-to-read part two.

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The Unit 8 Teaching Guide has 12 pages. The Activity Pack has 14 pages.

Unit 8 Sample Contents


Free Storybook - Unit 8
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Free Phonics Worksheet - Silent E
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Free Phonics Worksheet - Letter Sounds ch, sh, th, and wh
Click to view or print this FREE Phonics Worksheet: Letter sounds ch, th, sh, and wh.