“Extra, extra read all about it in the Zing-Zoom Newsroom.”

The Newsroom is Welcome to Reading part 2.

After your child has completed all 8 units of Welcome to Reading, they will be ready for the Newsroom.

The letter sounds and sight words are more difficult, but the daily lessons are very similar to the Welcome to Reading format.

Week One is all about learning the letter sounds and sight words. It also includes phonics – sounding out words.

Week two is where the lessons learned in week one come together. Your child will be reading sentences made of the new phonetic words and sight words. There are lots of activities and worksheets to help your child master the new skills.

This unit is FREE! 

 Do one lesson each day.

Click on DAY ONE to get started.

Learn about l-blends and long vowels with helpers. Sound out words.

Read sentences and stories.

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