Welcome to Reading - Unit 1

This daily reading program is fast, fun, and effective!

It’s so easy to use, if you can read, you can teach someone else to read!


Let’s get started!  Click on DAY ONE and you’ll see the presentation page  (page 1). 

Read the simple instructions as you point to the images.  Encourage your child or student to participate.

Print the activity pages (page 2 flashcards and page 3 worksheets).

Check out the READING GUIDE at the bottom of the page.  It will give you more suggestions for daily reading activities.

Learn to Read Week One
Week One includes space-themed worksheets and activities that will help your child learn 5 letter sounds and 4 sight words.

Learn to Read Week Two
Week Two starts with phonics and ends with reading. Phonics is sounding out words. Once your child is good at sounding out words and knows the sight words well, he or she will be able to read sentences made up of both types of words.

Reading Extras
Reading extras includes a reading guide with suggestions for daily activities, 8 comic strips your child will be able to read, and an 8 page storybook to end the unit.

Once your child has finished Unit 1 – it’s time to go to Unit 2-THE PARK. THE PARK has similar activities, but the worksheets and games have a park theme. Your child will learn 4 more sight words and 4 new letter sounds. Click the button below to go to Unit 2. HAVE FUN!

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