Witch or Wizard Cone


From Spiderman to Harry Potter – when you’re a kid, you often dream about the superpower you wish you had and the way in which you’d use it.  When I was in second grade, I wished to have the powers of Samantha Stephens from the TV show Bewitched.  To me, she was the most awesome superhero because she could use her magic to make anything happen.  She could teleport, make objects appear, or move objects.  Her powers were summoned with a twitch of her nose.  My favorite thing she did with her powers was to instantly change outfits or clean a room.  I was a lazy kid and those power seemed very useful! 

Second grade was also the year I was introduced to Norman Bridwell’s book, “The Witch Next Door.”  Most people know of this author because of his Clifford the Big Red Dog series; which is great, too.  But I loved his witch series because it was so magical and the witch was so kind.  When she first moved into the neighborhood, the neighbors were up in arms about their eccentric new neighbor, but as they got to know her, and experience her kindness, they warmed to her uniqueness.  The books were filled with imagination and had a great message about getting to know a person before you judge them. 

To make this craft, it’s best to color the pieces before you cut them out. 

Below is an example of how the wizard and witch look before cutting them out.

We put ticky tack inside their hands so they could hold Styrofoam pumpkins.

Happy Magical Halloween!